Spring Cleaning 101: Closet

   I love spring. I love the colors, the weather, and all the cute clothes. The only complaint I have about spring is the bugs, lets me just say I am just a tad bit PETRIFIED of bees and wasp(almost anything that flies)! Another one of my favorite things about spring is the cleaning. This might sound odd coming from a 12 year old, but I love how refreshed you feel after all the cleaning is done. So my big project this year was my closest. Through out the year i usually keep my room and closet pretty clean and organized, but sometimes it needs a little extra help.

  So to start off with, I straightened up my room a little bit in the meantime because I cannot focus in a really cluttered room. I then took all of my clothes and put them in a big pile. This sound weird but this year I was going to try washing everything before I sorted the clothes out, but that did not happen:) I started separating my clothes in to three piles, keep, donate, and trash. It's pretty self explanatory, but just in case in the keep pile I put stuff I want to keep. In the donate pile you put stuff that is in good condition it just doesn't fit you or you don't wear it. And in the trash pile you put stuff that you have worn to the maximum! I sometimes have a hard time getting rid of things so what I do is if I won't wear it in the next 6 months, chunk it. So after you finished going through your clothes, put up the keep pile. I folded them up neatly and organized my closet. Some people color code but prefer to do it by what type of clothing item it is. I'm pretty motivated, but is your one of those people it takes a while to get going play fun music while you are organizing and take short brakes.

  Hope these tips help you with your closet this spring. Leave any ideas or how you organize your closet in the comments below. Have an awesome spring brake!

Happy Spring:)

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