earthly things.

  Make-up, clothes, room decor, technology. All of these things are earthly things. They are not eternal. I have to remind myself this a lot. Sometimes I am to attached to my phone or a certain outfit. This past weekend I was putting away my clothes. While doing this I found that my favorite leotard for dance had little elastic strings hanging off of it where the lace is. My mom had accidentally put it in the dryer. I was furious. I automatically walk down stairs to tell her what had happened. She felt really bad, but at the time I didn't really accept an apology. My dad and I started to cut the little strings off one by one. We got most of them off but little holes started to form. But what I'm trying to say from this is that my leotard will not last forever and was it really worth getting mad at my mom and making her feel bad.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthlythings.
-Colossians 3:2



  1. This is really sad and makes someine angry, but it's you're so right, this things won't last forever, so we should think more often about your words.

  2. Aww, you are very wise to realize that! I used to share the same attachments to my leotards!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  3. So true! It can be difficult sometimes, but things are just things. We need to keep remembering that!


  4. It can be really difficult in the moment but I always find that apologizing after and letting the person know that you're sorry and you love and appreciate them helps a bit.


  5. Great look and post. Thanks for visiting my blog, dear. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss


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