5 tips to boost your grades

Ok, so I know that you have heard this probably like 20 times from your parents,teachers,school guidance counselor, and who knows where else. But it's so true! If you just put in that little extra effort your grades could improve just enough to get you from a D to a C or even a B to an A. That little effort could just be doing your homework, taking 5 minutes to study for a quiz, or just doing an extra credit worksheet. Every little bit counts!

1.)  DO YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!
So many people have great grades but occasionally don't do their classwork or homework, those 2-3 zeros can bring your grades down a whole letter. If you see that you are missing something from a teacher, go up to them and ask what it is. If you find out it's something you remember doing, go look and see if you can find it in a graded papers section or wherever you keep them. If you find it  go give it to them and see if they will put the grade in.

2.) Ask Questions

I know I have a hard time asking questions or giving the answer in class. Will it be wrong? Will people make fun of me? If you have a question, ask it! There is no such thing as a dumb question, unless you ask something the teacher just said. So don't be afraid of what people say about you. Your teachers are there to help you(even if doesn't seem that way)

3.) Pay Attention

Yes, I know everybody tells you this, it's nothing new. But I'm going to tell you again! Most of the time teachers tell you all you need to know and a little bit extra. Notice how I said most of the time. So if we would just listen somethings might make a little more sense. If they don't, then ask them questions.

4.) Stay organized

I don't know about you guys, but when it comes my school stuff I'm a neat freak. Staying organized makes things so much easier do. Some ways to stay organized are to write assignment down in a planner so you can keep track of what you need to do. Also, keep all papers inside a notebook or binder so you don't have any loose paper floating around.

5.) Time Management 

I know a lot of students have really busy schedules with sports or after school activities. With not a lot of time it makes it difficult to get homework and projects done. What helps me is to keep track of how much work you have to do and how much time to do. After you have figured that out, plan when you are going to get it all done, like a schedule.


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